The Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 will tell you how small bookstores differ from online ones and give you a selection of the most interesting ones.

The main difference between small shops is their special cozy atmosphere and approach to the selection of the range of books. Also, quite often now in the book you can skip a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Relax and look through your favorite book.

Take a look at our list:

A cozy book store with an excellent selection of literature: there are books on architecture and urbanism, cinema and theater, memoirs and diaries, books on philosophy, graphic novels, magazines, phenzines (amateur short-circuiting editions), scientific publications (for example, the magazine “Schrödinger’s Cat”). In addition to books, in “Khodasevich” you can buy office, vinyl, merch. If you have unnecessary books, you can also bring them here.
Address: Pokrovka street, 6

The store has a rich and non-trivial assortment of accurate and humanitarian scientific literature. Popular among professors and students.
Also here is the fiction and classical literature, a large selection of children’s books and antiquarian department.
Address: Pyatnitsky lane, 8

Here, in general, the situation as close as possible to home: lush pastries, tea and coffee. There are tables, behind which you can both treat yourself and work, ottomans are attached to secluded corners. You can find all kinds of books there: books in foreign languages and bilinguals, non-fiction, dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias, fiction, graphic novels.
Address: Khokhlovsky lane, 7-9, p. 3

“House of foreign books”
Books have been traded here since 1901 The main audience of the store is linguistic students, foreigners, as well as occasional guests.
Here you can buy all the popular new books from the US and Europe in the original language, textbooks, dictionaries, books on economics, business and law. And of course, classics, ranging from Shakespeare and ending with Virginia Woolf.
Address: Kuznetsky Most, 18/7

Here you can buy a book that interests you, find an unusual gift, as well as get on a film show, a recital or a lecture. This all happens in a cozy room with large armchairs and bookcases.
Address: Zhukovsky Street, 4