1. Kino House is a great place to relax in a circle of loved ones
12 rooms with very different fillings from x-box to karaoke, from board games to hookah
Price from 350 rub. per person per hour
Tel.: +7 499 649 74 50

2. Cinema without popcorn – Pioneer.
But with the author’s cuisine and book store
Tel.: +7 499 240 52 40

3. The world of art is a unique cinema of contemporary author cinema, classics of world cinema, documentary and short cinema. Shows 35 different movies per week
Prices from 200 to 300 rub.
Tel.: +7 499 978 66 19

4. Circular Film Panorama
Full-domed cinema with a continuous 360-degree screen and a movable platform, standing on which visitors can enjoy movies in 4D format.
It will be open after reconstruction in the autumn of 2018

5. Solovey Cinema Center
Everything is up to date with the latest projection and sound-transmitting technology: 24 rooms with the widest repertoire.
Tel.: +7 495 605 73 06 | +7 965 233 11 73

6. GUM cinema
Instead of the usual folding chairs – velvet chairs, free and very soft. In the children’s room – comfortable puffs that take any form suitable for fidget. In the VIP-lounge there are spacious velvet sofas: each of them can easily fit a family of three. Details for VIP-pleasure: a blanket in the cold season and a bar located right in the hall.
Tel.: +7 495 620 30 62

7. Cinema Vremena goda
You can even watch a movie in special chairs even if you just press a button. During the session, you will be served by attentive waiters.
Prices from 3000 rub.
Tel .: +7 495 666 21 57