Until September, 20th, the work of the large-scale exhibition in Novaya Tretyakovka “The Russian Fairy Tale. From Vasnetsov to the Present”!

In one space is the graphics and paintings of the famouse artists Viktor Vasnetsov,Mikhail Vrubel,Natalia Goncharova,fabulous illustrator Ivan Bilibin.

To immerse the guests in the atmosphere of fairy tales,theatrical scenery,multimedia technologies,interactive art objects have been used,for example,in the form of a huge bear! Every visitor can imagine himself as “Twisting at a crossroads” by Vasnetsov and make a difficult choice to go the left or to the right or maybe even straight!

Hotel “Maroseika 2/15” invites adults and kids to explore the fantastic world of fairytale images!

Please note that the Tretyakov Art Gallery carries out regular full sanitary treatment of the premises in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumers Protection and the Russian Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

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