Would you like to spend a night at one of the most amazing cinemas of Moscow and to experience a special atmosphere of the film art?

The Maroseyka 2/15 hotel highly recommends you to visit Lumiere Hall which is an extraordinary cinema where you can decide where you prefer to seat. You can do this by moving hassocks which are used instead of regular armchairs; you can move them in any way you want. The cinema is facilitated with 20 big multi-image screens set on the walls and columns. Total screen area makes 500 square meters. It is even hard to imagine how big it is!

You can choose any film you like, the Maroseyka 2/15 hotel offers you a list so you can choose:

  • 07.09 – A night of movies with Johnny Depp
  • 08.09 – Night of Fear and Chilling Horror
  • 14.09 – Night of dreams and love
  • 15.09 – Quintin Tarantino’s movie night
  • 21.09 – Night of the Oscar-winning films
  • 22.09 – Cinema Night with Christian Bale
  • 28.09 – The Night of French Cinema

Cinema ticket sales start time: 11 pm.
Ticket price: 550–880 rub. (9-13$)

An all-night café works for those who want to have a snack or enjoy a cup of coffee.