The genre of the musical in Russia is young, but it is rapidly gaining the love of the audience and has a tremendous impact on popular culture!

Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 will tell you about the musicals that you can watch in the coming days:

The man who laughs – with love and respect for the classics in the genre of black comedy, the atmosphere of a gloomy and foggy London is recreated.

Life is beautiful – go on a journey through domestic and foreign films together with artists, sing your favorite songs, enjoy the variety of memorable events and make sure that life is truly beautiful!

The Count of Monte Cristo is a wonderful embodiment on stage of the famous story of love, betrayal and retribution based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas

Don’t be afraid of anything, I’m with you – white nights, drawbridges, love, 80s fashion, apartment houses, a premonition of change and hits of the legendary group “Secret”.