The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to the American Film Festival. Cinema of the USA is a scale and a variety, on the one hand it is Hollywood with its colossal budgets and a universal language, and a number of independent experiments, experiments, auteur cinema.

Each year, Amfest presents in Russia the most interesting American news. Abel Ferrara, the great master will show the film “Tommaso”, filmed in Rome and characterized by striking autobiographical.

James Gray introduced “To the Stars,” starring Brad Pitt. Another hero of Amfest is Shia LaBeouf. Hollywood’s only superstar is revealed in the adventure comedy Peanut Falcon.

Also on the list of shows is the fantasy epic “Initials S.G.” Romantic comedies “Ode to Joy” and “Good Posture”, the thriller “They Are Crawling for You”, the detective comedy “Crazy Vacations”, subtle dramas “Sound of Silence” and “Mickey and the Bear”.

All films are shown in the original language with Russian subtitles. There are many films and there are no insignificant ones among them.

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