Is Monday a hard day? Then the Maroseyka 2/15 hotel offers you to have fun, relieve stress after work.

On Seleznevskaya street, house 4 (metro Novoslobodskaya) is a cozy time-cafe. The place has two rooms with pets. They move freely around the halls; they can be fed, but not picked up. And how many pleasant moments you can capture with furry friends!

They are so cute and photogenic, funny and arrogant that they will cheer up even the most gloomy visitor.

In the café you can also learn interesting facts about the life of rabbits. You can play board games, playstation and VR, enjoy delicious coffee and treat yourself to sweets. Entertainment programs and workshops have been prepared for children.

Rates and promotions in the cafe are different

1 minute weekdays – 6 rub., weekend – 8 rub.
Hours of work: 11.00–23.00
+7 (925) 373-15-15
Seleznevskaya St., Building 4