This year’s International Documentary Film Festival will be greatly abbreviated. On the screen of the cinema “October” from 03 to 10 December 2020, viewers will be presented with 13 films.

The opening film on December 3 will be a new blockbuster by Vitaly Mansky “Gorbachev. Paradise ”is a film-portrait of 90-year-old Mikhail Gorbachev, the first and last president of the USSR. And the closing film on December 10 – the documentary “Leap” by the Lithuanian director Giedre Zitskite.

Hotel “Maroseyka 2/15” invites you to get acquainted with the Program of the Festival and pays attention to the fact that due to the imposed restrictions, out of 1500 places, only 300 are available!

Put masks on your face, but not on your eyes!