Take a short walk around the hotel “Maroseyka 2/15” to admire the preserved or restored small “details of antiquity” successfully complementing the image and spirit of the capital.

Corner of st. Maroseyka and B. Zlatoustinsky per. – a magnificent, in the Art Nouveau style, smalt-mosaic facade and interwindow openings of Frederic Dutfoy’s store, which opened here at the beginning of the 20th century, selling dining, pharmaceutical, chemical and perfumery dishes.

Pay attention to the voluminous cartouches with letter D, the first letter of the owner’s last name.

Maroseyka Street, 17/6 – a luxurious bright blue Rumyantsev mansion with a very interesting element-inscription “Free from stagnation,” which meant in those days that the household was freed from the deployment of the military, and the owner took a financial part in the construction of Pokrovsky barracks.

And you can finish the walk in the cafe “Saperavi” (St. Pokrovka, 5 building 5), climbing to the second floor of which, you can see a fragment of the preserved red-brick wall of the “eighth wonder of the world” or “Russian Notre Dam” – Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgen Mary on Pokrovka, which was leveled in the 1930s.