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  • Merging Universes

    Merging Universes

    This is the theme and concept of the V International Interactive Festival of Contemporary Art ARTLIFE FEST 2022, which opened today in Moscow at the Central Manege.

  • Big Children’s Festival!

    Big Children’s Festival!

    For the fifth time from September 29 to November 25, 2022, Russian and foreign theater groups will demonstrate their best repertoire productions for children and youth

  • “Unknown” opera by Verdi!

    “Unknown” opera by Verdi!

    “The Novaya Opera” Theater opens the season with a premiere – the first Russian production of the opera Stiffelio!

  • Romanovs. Drawing lessons.

    Romanovs. Drawing lessons.

    Until October 9, 2022, a historical and documentary exhibition dedicated to a completely unknown chapter of the private life of the royal family is open in the Exhibition Hall of the Federal Archives (Bolshaya Pirogovskaya St., 17).

  • The main city of Russia is 875 years old!

    The main city of Russia is 875 years old!

    Moscow! How much in this sound
    Merged for the Russian heart!
    How much did it resonate with…

  • Old Moscow can be different…

    Old Moscow can be different…

    Unbelievable, but ten minutes walk from our hotel, in the heart of a busy metropolis, there is a quiet garden hidden behind lush green foliage, which can only be reached through Podkopaevskaya lane.

  • Musical on the water!

    Musical on the water!

    Spend the upcoming weekend with your children at VDNKh!

  • “The Immortal Greatness of the Kremlin…”

    “The Immortal Greatness of the Kremlin…”

    Hotel “Maroseyka 2/15” invites you to visit the main museum of the country – a huge complex of the Moscow Kremlin Museums and, first of all, the Armory and the Cathedral Square Ensemble.

  • Sound and Light!

    Sound and Light!

    On the eve of the City Day, from August 26 to September 4, 2022, the Jubilee XV Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival will be held in the very heart of Moscow on Red Square!

  • House of merchant Igumnov

    House of merchant Igumnov

    Walking along Bolshaya Yakimanka, you will definitely pay attention to the most beautiful mansion, made in pseudo-Russian style