The Maroseyka 2/15 hotel invites you on of the main festivals of this summer. Every year, huge screens are installed in a cozy meadow, surrounded by forest and river, and for 4 nights they show the best cartoons from around the world. Experience the “Insomnia” festival – with its unimaginable atmosphere.

Why it is important to attend this event:

  1. Accommodation for the night – in real yurts (national movable houses of nomads from Central Asia) made by hand from modern materials. During the day it is cool in them, and at night it is warm. For those who do not like exotic accommodation, there is a hotel and camping nearby.
  2. Unusual concept – there atmosphere here is absolutely unique. Day differs from night completely.
  3. Festival buildings and art objects surprise with their diversity and details. Cool locations and scenery for making photos.
  4. Beautiful nature – especially at night and at dawn.
  5. Wide entertainment program – music, children’s animation, master classes, attractions, lectures.

18 – July 22, 2019
Address: near the village of Rylyaki, Yukhnovsky District, Kaluga Region
You can get to the festival by yourself or by festival bus.
The price of the one way ticket: 500₽
Insomnia Ticket Price: 2800₽