The Maroseyka 2/15 hotel offers you a chance to take a walk through the main department store of the country, which is 3 minutes away from us. You can’t afford to miss it, there is a real blooming garden on all floors! The lines of GUM are full of bright colors of various plant species.

More than 310,000 flowers were grown specifically to decorate the building from inside and outside: tuberous begonia, ghazania, hybrid dahlia, Novogvinean balsam, pelargonium, fluffy, chrysanthemum multiflora, Kalanchoe Kalandiva, begonia ever flowering, ageratum, taghetes, Coleus, cineraria.

Moreover, an imaginary time machine takes you into the era of social realism with its sports theme: “Woman with the ball”, “Swimmer”, “Basketball Player”, “Footballer”, and, finally, the well-known “Girl with a paddle”.