• Brother Ivan

    Brother Ivan

    of Mikhail and Ivan Morozov”, which combines masterpieces of French and Russian painting of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries from three museums – the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Pushkin Museum im. A. S. Pushkin.

  • Miyazaki’s Dreams

    Miyazaki’s Dreams

    Not only fans of the famous Japanese director-animator Hayao Miyazaki, but each of us would like to be in a magical world and immerse yourself in an incomparable fairy-tale atmosphere!

  • Theatre weekend!

    Theatre weekend!

    Before the season closes, have time to plan your visit to the theater!

  • Music of Space!

    Music of Space!

    On July 28, a NEOrchestra concert will take place in the stunning Big Domed Hall of the Moscow Planetarium, accompanied by a large-scale video projection.

  • Ocean… in the Moscow metro!

    Ocean… in the Moscow metro!

    Muscovites and guests of the capital can see photographs and paintings depicting the underwater inhabitants of the Moskvarium in the passages between “Chekhovskaya” and “Pushkinskaya”, “Chistye Prudy” and “Turgenevskaya” metro stations.

  • Meeting with your favorite movie!

    Meeting with your favorite movie!

    The exhibition “KinoKolomenskoye”, which opened to domestic films, the shooting of which took place in the Museum-Reserve.

  • Where to go? Of course to the Circus!

    Where to go? Of course to the Circus!

    The Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard presents the show “Almost Seriously”, dedicated to 100th anniversary of the birth of the legendary Yuri Nikulin!

  • Praise the Fatherland!

    Praise the Fatherland!

    Hotel «Maroseika 2/15» warmly congratulates everyone with the main public holiday – Day of Russia!

  • Oh, I’ll take a ride!

    Oh, I’ll take a ride!

    Velobike is a network of urban public bike rental in Moscow, operating around the clock!

  • Where to go with a child?

    Where to go with a child?

    We continue to delight adults and children – we invite you to the legendary Central Children’s Store on Lubyanka (CDM),forever remembered by millions of Soviet children, and not only for shopping!