In 1859, Alexander II opened here one of the first museums in Russia – the House of the Romanov Boyars.

In 2017–2018  repair and restoration work was carried out, during which the original elements of the monument were preserved to the maximum extent.

In the interiors of the Chambers, the furnishings of a 17th century boyar house were recreated: tiled stoves, silver and painted dishes, sewing, women's jewelry, chests, boxes, furniture of that time, old books, beautiful paintings on the walls.

Hotel “Maroseyka 2/15” invites you to get acquainted with a unique monument of ancient Russian architecture.

The complex includes 11 buildings of the 16th-18th centuries, various in purpose and style: ancient chambers, a cathedral, churches, a crenellated fortress wall.

The museum guarantees a comfortable and safe visit.
Museum address: M. Kitay-Gorod, st.Varvarka, 10.

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