We invite you to take a fascinating walk to the famous Perlov Tea Shop on Myasnitskaya Street – it is easy to recognize by its bright multicolored textured facade with national Chinese ornaments and sculptural elements!

This style appeared thanks to a historical event, namely, the coronation of Nicholas II, to which the regent of the young Chinese emperor Li Hung-Chang was invited.

In the hope that the distinguished guest will stay right here, one of the first tea magnates in Russia – the supplier of the Russian Imperial Court, Sergei Perlov, has pre-decorated the house and shop in Chinese taste!

Time has shown how successful and far-sighted the decision of the tea merchant was – since 1896, the colorful facade has been the best advertisement for the Tea Shop.

Store address: Myasnitskaya str., 19 (“Turgenevskaya” metro station or 10-12 minutes walk from the hotel “Maroseyka 2/15”).