or the Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to Grandpa Durov’s Corner to play The History of the Crystal Shoe.

The plot is built on the search for the crystal shoe, lost by Cinderella during the royal ball. Fearless animals, the variety of which is surprising, will help her: donkey, raccoons, fox, cats, dogs, ponies, tigers, pigeons, pelicans, sea lions, hippopotamus, parrots, monkeys, bears, wolves, lamb. It is difficult to see so many little animals at once, the zoo will come in handy.

For one and a half hours, you will be watching a fun and exciting adventure. You will see the elegant transformations of animals and wonderful sketches of unusual friendship. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of magic and a real fairy tale.

Nearest performance February 16.
Telephone: +7 (499) 391-92-94
Booking office: +7 (495) 631-30-47

Address: metro Tsvetnoy Boulevard / Dostoevkaya / Prospekt Mira, ul. Durov, 2 with 1