The Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 again invites you to a unique cinema, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of comfort and a grand panoramic broadcast on all walls. The effect of full presence inside the film, and wherever you turn – not a single moment of the film escapes your attention.

June 21 at 23:30
Price from 600 rub.
Night of comedies about hotels: “Hotel” Grand Budapest “”, “Four Rooms”, “Lost in Translation”

June 22, at 23:30
Price from 600 rub.
Space film night: Interstellar, Star Trek, Gravity

June 28 at 20:00
Price from 1200 rub.
Live jazz concert in almost open-air space

June 28 at 23:30
Price from 600 rub.
Anime night: “Your name”, “Red turtle”, “In the forest, where the fireflies twinkle”, “Voice of a distant star”

June 29 at 23:30
Price from 600 rub.
Vampire night: “Only lovers will survive”, “Real Ghouls”, “From Dusk Till Dawn”

All night long there is a cafe on the territory of the club with delicious snacks, coffee and drinks.

Lumière Hall
Big Novodmitrovskaya d 36 with 24
Tickets: 8 926 162 17 66