The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to a 5D cinema, which looks like a 16-meter multimedia sphere from the outside, showing the surfaces of the planets of the solar system; you can make a virtual flight into space and pass the path of development and conquest of the universe.

In the cinema you will find not just a film about astronauts, but a real flight to distant stars, a centuries- old journey from a first look at the sky to the settlement of our descendants om other planets. With the help of special effects and the use of the most modern technologies, you will feel like real astronauts flying in outer space.

In just six minutes experience an incredible journey in the universe, the history of the first space flights, a ride on the moon on a special off-road vehicle, an excursion to other planets and the construction of a future space house.

The dynamic platform inside the cinema is able to bend, vibrate, rise and fall in accordance with the plot line of the film. Each movement creates the effect of presence and turns you into heroes – the conquerors of the vast universe.

VDNH, Cosmonautics and Aviation Center, Pavilion №34 “Cosmos”

Sessions from 11:45 to 20:45
It is impossible to get to the cinema without a ticket to the main exposition of the pavilion.
Exhibition prices: 500₽ and 250₽ (ticket at reduced rate).
Cinema price: 100₽ and 50₽ (ticket at reduced rate).

Monday – day off