The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel blown away with space exploration: the first manned space flight, the launch of artificial satellites, the landing of astronauts on the moon, the creation of orbital stations, the development of new spacecraft, satellite navigation. The conquest of space improves life on Earth. For many years, the space industry has also been interested in private companies that also work in conjunction with state corporations. The discovery of space tourism is not far away.

The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel offers you to join the celebration of Cosmonautics Day, which takes place in the parks of Moscow:

Gorky Park
Here you will find themed tours, quests and lectures on the mysteries of space. At 15:30 and at 16:30 there will be astronomical excursions. They will tell you about the device telescopes. Evening tours will begin at 20:30 and at 22:00.

Izmailovsky Park
In the exhibition pavilion “Art Park” a master class on creating the application “I am an astronaut” will be held. Participation is free, start at 16:00.

Park Kuzminki
Here you will create a model of a spacecraft with your own hands and listen to the lecture “Myths and delusions about space”, learn about the mysteries of space and black holes. Activities will begin at 15:00 and will last until 19:00.

Park Fili
They play a comic rocket launch here. You will be offered to take a drawing paper, markers and scotch tape to create your space ship mockup.

Red Presnya
At 20:00 in the telescope on the Small Island you can observe the celestial objects in the night sky. Feel like an astronaut!