For all lovers of ancient castles, the Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel recommends a glimpse into the islet of the Czech Republic in Moscow. Here traditions are intertwined with modernity, here at the festival you will be shown the diversity and beauty of this small country.

The Czech Republic, a country in Central Europe that is famous for its exquisitely decorated castles, rich history and beer. The main attractions of Prague, the capital of the country, are the Prague Castle of the 9th century – the well-preserved medieval part of the city – and Charles Bridge with its statues.

At the festival you will find a lot of interesting things for yourself:

  • see a 3D projection show on the facade of the building with interactive elements “Traveling in the Czech Republic”;
  • take part in minting a souvenir coin;
  • visit a real Czech market with sweets, try the famous trdelnik and Czech payments;
  • admire vintage jewelry, souvenirs, accessories;
  • try traditional and popular Czech drinks;
  • watch jousting tournaments and take part in a master class in archery;
  • meet with owners of Czech breeds of dogs;
  • play table hockey and compete for prizes.

You can also attend a music concert, go to a puppet theater, take part in culinary shows, listen to street performers, take part in a Skoda test drive, choose tours to the Czech Republic and enroll in Czech language courses.

August 24 and 25
garden them. Bauman, metro Kurskaya
+7 495 108-76-23