We all remember the time when the music of the Virus, Demo and of course Scooter groups played at school discos. Hotel “Maroseyka 2/15” offers one evening to return to the 90s, to plunge into the memories of first dates, parties and first love.

This is only possible on DISCOTEKE 90, accompanied by incendiary music from DJs from the Retro Sound System.

Backstreet Boys, Chemical Brothers, Lyceum, Prodigy, Lika Star, Spice Girls, Fraudulent Frauds, Offspring, Arrows, Vacuum, Scooter, Danko, Britney Spears, Blink 182, Captain Jack, Propaganda, Eiffel 65, Shura, TATU, Guano Apes, Fat Boys Slim, T. Bulanova, Dr. Alban, Savage Garden, Nirvana, Micah, L. Chernikov, Blur, Bloodhound Gang, Haddaway, Roxette, Brilliant, O-Zone, Lights, 2 Unlimited, Disco Crash, Leprekonsy.

Dance floor: 500 rubles
Entrance ticket for 5 people – 2000₽
Entrance ticket for 10 people – 3000 rubles

VIP entrance (without seat): 800 rubles
VIP ticket (At the table): 900-1500 rubles

8 495 228 20 80
The event starts on September 28 at 23:45
Address: Bolotnaya embankment, 9, building 1