The Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 invites you to the show called Dreams that change the world. Where you will get a chance to visit the magical laboratory and discover a secret formula for making all dreams come true.

The performance consists of 10 small shows, each of which reveals the secrets of science. The example of outstanding people will teach you how to follow your dreams and achieve goals. Do not be afraid to dream and inspire others.

The program of the performance consists of:

  • show of illusionists, where secrets of great magicians are going to be revealed
  • neon show of soap bubbles (incredible tricks with huge bubbles)
  • pyrotechnic show, cheerful and loud, but at the same time safe
  • nitrogen show, where even those items that can’t be frozen freeze
  • laser show where the destructive power of the laser will be tested
  • energy show (creation a managing ball lightning)
  • chemical show, where you will get a chance to experiment around with all kinds of chemicals
  • a paper show that will put you in a whirl of confetti and paper flakes
  • smoke show with real smoke cannon
  • a spectacular robot dance show

It is going to be a lot of fun for everyone. After all, children like bright performances, and adults like the opportunity to feel like a young audience. Moreover, the play has a deep meaning, which you can unravel when you see the show.

May all your dreams come true.