Every year on January 19, Russians take part in the celebration of Epiphany, one of the biggest Christian holidays. It is believed that if you dive into the baptistery, then you will come out cleared and renewed. On this occasion, the hotel Maroseyka 2/15 offers you a list of ponds with warm changing rooms.

Places for epiphany bathing:

Central Administrative District
• Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

North-East Administrative District
• platforms on the Palace pond, the Big Garden pond
• Dynamo Water Stadium

North-West Administrative District
• sites on the Baryshikha pond in Mitino, the pond in Rozhdestveno, the Derivation Channel, in the Stroginsky and Kirov floodplains, on the Lake Bezdonny, Karamyshevskaya Embankment (houses 13-15)

South-Western Administrative Okrug
• sites on Vorontsovsky, Troparyovsky, Chernevsky ponds, and also on the pond of the sanatorium Uzkoy
• on Nakhimov Avenue (building 8) and near the temple in Zakharyin

Southern Administrative District
• at the ponds of Borisov, Tsaritsyn and Beketa

South-Eastern Administrative Distrcit
• sites on the Verknie Kuzminsky and Shibaevsky ponds

Eastern Administrative District
• Vernissage font
• sites on the Holy and White Lakes
• Terletsky ponds, Red, Babayevsky and Deer ponds

When Visiting fonts, be sure to follow the rules:

  • consult a doctor, inquire about your health
  • bathe only in specially equipped places where lifeguards, doctors, police are on duty
  • do not dip into the hole hungry. It is better to eat at least an hour before swimming.
  • do not drink alcohol
  • ️do a warm-up before swimming – a few sit-ups and bends
  • do not dive into the hole ahead with your head. Dive into the water, squatting
  • wipe dry with a towel and get dressed right away, do not stay long in the cold

Opening hours of the fonts: from 18:00 January 18 to 12:00 January 19