The famous Latin phrase “Et Cetera”, meaning “And so on ..”, fully reflects the artistic concept of the Moscow theater of the same name under the direction of Alexander Kalyagin.

The theater does not stand still, it constantly develops, has an original repertoire, puts on innovative performances, in a word, it moves forward!

This, one of the most visited theaters in the capital, occupies a beautiful theater building.

Everything in it amazes the viewer – a brilliant foyer, an auditorium with chairs of different styles – early baroque, late baroque, Louis XV, Louis XVI and so on … to art deco, as well as a magnificent chandelier.

Come to the theater forty minutes before the start of the performance and go around the entire building outside and inside – admire its non-standard postmodern architecture and design.

Theater address: Frolov per., 2, Metro station “Turgenevskaya”, “Chistye Prudy”, “Sretensky Boulevard”.