The fact that the Chinese New Year of the metal rat will also come this year on January 25 th is worth mentioning. And on the streets of the capital, as in Asian countries, holiday decorations will appear.

  • In the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul there will be a gala concert dedicated to Russian Students Day.
  • In the Exposed art center you can listen to a concert of classical music. The Kremlin chamber orchestra will perform lyrical works about youth and love, treat you to tea and invite you to a small buffet table.
  • Dozens of park ice rinks for one day will traditionally become free for all Tatyans and students. Also, many ice arenas will provide discounts on skates and equipment rental.
  • Theaters and other cultural institutions will also provide discounts on attendance.

Fun will continue even at the end of the official holiday. On January 26, the Megasport Palace will host the Student Entrepreneurship Festival. Among the experts and mentors are Regina Todorenko, Tina Kandelaki, Sergey Shnurov, Mikhail Goncharov and others. They will tell you how to become successful and help pump ideas. And to maintain the atmosphere of the holiday, Elena Temnikova, Mot and the Bread group will perform for guests.