The walking tour “Kitay-gorod. Walk through the old street of Moscow”

The modern Kitay-gorod – is a real urban outdoor museum, which preserve the unique historical and architectural monuments.  One of the oldest street of Kitay-gorod – Varvarka street has seen many historic events. There was first embassy in Russia (in 16 century), “sales” were born also in this place. One of the famous revolt –  Plague revolt began on this street in 18 century.

During our tour you will walk along the borders of Kitay-gorod and touch the stones of the ancient walls; You will see the leaning tower, the oldest building in Moscow, a church founded by Dmitry Donskoy, and one of the “gingerbread” churches in Russia.

Why medieval orthography is interesting? What is unites of China Town and China? –  All answers you will find in our popular walking tour  “Kitay-gorod. Walking through the old streets of Moscow. ”


The excursion will take 2 hours

Cost: 3000rub.