китай-городThe walking tour “Metro”

In 1935 the first metro line was opened. It included only 13 stations. Nowadays, the Moscow subway is the main form of transport in the city, which has more than 150 stations. It is the most beautiful in the world.

Many metro stations look like real palaces with marble columns, imposing chandeliers, sculptures, mosaics and stained glass.

Excursion around the subway – one of the most unusual! During the tour we will show you the most famous subway station. Some of them look like real castles or palaces: many bronze and granite statues, telling about the accomplishments of the Soviet people; amazing and beautiful marble, colorful mosaics and whimsical lamps. You’ll learn about the most interesting and mysterious places of the underground city, visiting the tour “Metro”.


The excursion will take 2 hours

Cost: 3000rub.