The walking tour “The history of Myasnitskaya street”

There are many cultural heritages in Moscow: every street, every lane in center of our capital is filled with monuments, interesting stories, historic attractions and buildings. Myasnitskaya Street – one of the most beautiful and picturesque streets of Moscow. In18 century, this area was called “unclean ponds”. Prince Alexandr Menshikov ordered to clean and ennobled this place.

Myasnitskaya Street has preserved unique masterpieces of architecture, which were created by great architects – Bazhenov, Shekhtel Klein. On your way, you will meet Masonic house and “Chinese house”, the first public library and the oldest residential building in Moscow, the most beautiful apartment house and the board King of porcelain.


The excursion take: 2 hours

Cost of excursion: 3000rub.