Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 invites you to the exhibition of inventions of a uniquely talented person of Renaissance era, an outstanding artist, inventor and scientist who was ahead of his time by several centuries.

The exhibition organizers spent several years studying the designs of Leonardo da Vinci and recreating the machines he invented. You will be able to try most of the presented exhibits by yourself! And learn about principles of the mechanisms. Explanatory texts will help you to experience the exhibition on your own.

Also at the exhibition you can take photos and shoot video. The exposition is located in the gallery Belyaevo and will be available until April 7.

Ticket price: adult – 500 rub., for people with social benefits – 250 rub.
Address: Profsoyuznaya street, 100, metro Belyaevo
Open hours from 11am to 8pm, Monday – day off
8 495 335 83 22, 8 499 793 41 21