Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to a diverse, colorful and unique world of the brilliant artist Nikas Safronov. This time the maestro will surprise with a multimedia exhibition, where a seamless projection will create the illusion of a single space that will show works from his own direction, Dream Vision.

The classic painting that will capture not only your imagination, but also the subconscious. The exposition is conceived in such a way that it has no beginning or end. You become participants in a continuous whirlpool of paintings, thoughts and images of the artist.

The architectural landscapes of Nikas Safronov are always imbued with the mystery and spirit of the era. Stone castles, vaulted ceilings, labyrinths of steps, pointed domes of towers – detailing, distinguished by elegant lightness.

You can get acquainted with the artist personally, he sometimes plans to visit the exhibition. The announcement will be in his instagram safronov_nikas. Also, after visiting the exposition, you will be offered to watch a 2-hour film based on 15 minute stories from the life of Nikas.

Location of the exhibition: Museum of Contemporary History of Russia
Tverskaya St., Building 21 +7 495 135 40 73
Ticket price on weekdays from 200 rubles, on weekends from 250 rubles