Who offered an idea to build extraordinary buildings in Moscow? For what reason an egg like looking building was meant to be similar to maternity in Bethlehem? Where can one find a piece of ancient China in Moscow?

The Maroseyka 2/15 hotel prepared a fantastic bus tour for you. You will get a chance to see extraordinary buildings of Moscow such as: egg like looking building, houses that look like beehive and locomotive. You will also get a chance to see commode like looking building, merchant’s estates and gothic architecture.

You will get a chance to know about:

  • eccentric architects with rich imagination, which designed the buildings
  • people who lived in the houses
  • famous people whose lives were connected to the extraordinary buildings

Bus tour length: 3 hours
Price: 750 rub.

Meeting point: Taganskaya (radial) metro station, st. Bolshyie Kamenshiki, 2

Bus tour starts on the 16th of September at 3 pm.
For information call: +7 (495) 580 69 57

Don’t lose last sunny days and book your bus tour.