The Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 invites you to a new unusual event. BUBBLE FEST – the main festival of pop culture will take place in Moscow on the 21st of April. It is an event for fantasy lovers; there the main fantasy forms will be presented: cinema, comics, games, and cosplay.

Also at the event you can:

  • Meet the legendary man, screenwriter of Marvel and creator of X-Men Chris Clairmont
  • go through the adventures on the most powerful computers, on the site specially built for the festival
  • participate in the Soulcalibur tournament
  • listen to popular music performances
  • see the best cosplayers parading

The event will be attended by the authors of the most sensational comic books and popular bloggers. A highlight will be the anchor – Peter Glanz, who is one of the most famous Russian dubbing actors. The voice of the funniest MARVEL hero – Deadpool, as well as Pikachu, Spock, Prince of Persia and a couple of hundred more famous characters.

April 21 from 12:00 to 21:30
Address: Highway Enthusiasts d. 5 bldg. 2
You need to buy a ticket in advance
Price: 300 rub.
The Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 wishes you an interesting weekend.