The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to learn about Abkhazia. In the park “Krasnaya Presnya” on June 30, the festival of Abkhaz culture “Apsny” will take place.

“Apsny” this word is translated as the land of the soul. Experience pleasant friendly atmosphere and witness the extensive program.

Here you can:

  • try Caucasian yoga
  • play backgammon
  • cook and taste traditional Abkhaz cuisine
  • attend Caucasian national wedding
  • learn all about mountain tourism
  • view the work of Abkhaz artists
  • stroll along the improvised Sukhumskaya Embankment
  • learn how to make craft shells

Animators and creative workshops will also work at the event.

Address: Mantulinskaya St., 5, p. 2
8 (916) 620-07-23