The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to a great holiday of romance and wishes you to make all your dreams come true. This weekend at 1 am, when it gets dark, the magic lanterns will decorate the water surface of the Middle Tsaritsyn pond with mysterious highlights, filled with hidden and exciting dreams.

This is truly a fascinating sight; you can not only watch it but also take part in it. Flashlights can be purchased on site at kiosks located throughout the Tsaritsyno Park.

During the day, you can enjoy the Tsaritsyn Palace and Park Ensemble with a complex of palace buildings, a luxurious landscape park and capture yourself against the backdrop of the royal fountain in the very center of the reserve.

Also there will be free master classes on the creation of lanterns, competitions from the host and delicious dishes from the food court. At the fair you can buy designer jewelry and souvenirs in memory of the evening.

Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno
July 20 and 21 from 10 am to 11 pm
The launch of the flashlights will take place at 10 pm and at 10:30 pm