The Maroseyka 2/15 hotel tells you about the most sophisticated museums in Moscow, each with its own history and unique charm. Delight your inner esthete.

We kindly offer you a list of museums:

Perfume Museum
The fragrance is able to revive old memories, move you through time, enchant. Here you will taste the unique perfume, but only by appointment.
Address: st. Arbat, house 36/2 building 1

Museum of unique dolls
Here is a collection of dolls from Russia, Germany, England, France. Large and small, made of porcelain and breadcrumbs, unusually beautiful and sometimes creepy.
Address: st. Pokrovka, d. 13 p. 2

Butterfly Flour or Butterfly Museum
An unusual place where you will plunge into the world of tropical nature.
Address: pr. Mira, 119, p. 519

Museum of the East
There are more than 150 thousand exhibits from different countries of the East.
Address: Nikitsky Boulevard, 12A

Museum Gems
Here you will see precious, semi-precious and ornamental stones, vases and pictures of stones, natural and artificial crystals.
Address: st. People’s Militia, d. 29/1