Winter colds withdraw, the real spring comes. And the hotel Maroseyka 2/15 invites you to enjoy first flowers in the city gardens and stroll through the flowered parks.

For you, we have prepared a selection of places where you will admire the colorful oasis of Moscow:

Pharmaceutical garden
From April 13 to June 2, the XIX Spring Flower Festival will be held in the garden – here you will see a record number of tulips – more than 100 thousand, wide carpets of primroses, and even daffodils, sakura, magnolia, lilac, bird cherry, tree peonies, rhododendrons, apricots, cherries, plums, apple trees, a huge Ussuri pear.
Address: Moscow, Mira Avenue, Building 26, Building 1

Botanical Gardens
From late April to mid-October, the JAPANESE GARDEN exposition is open here. Get to know the splendor of the landscape and cherry blossoms.
Address: Moscow, Botanicheskaya st., 4

Apple Gardens in Kolomenskoye Park
Here you will walk on a soft emerald carpet, admire the graceful thin-stemmed apple trees – the aroma of which will pleasantly load your head.
Address: Andropov Avenue, 39

Timiryazev Biological Museum
The real kingdom of spring will be available to you on April 24 and 25 at this museum. Specially for the exhibition of primroses, the plants are transplanted into pots so that you can examine each flower in detail and inhale their delicate spring scent.
Address: Malaya Gruzinskaya Street 15

Lilac garden
Here you will plunge into the world of lilacs. More than 30 species have been planted here, and some trees are already 60-70 years old.
Address: Schelkovskoe highway, vl. 8-12