The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to the first VR cinema to watch a movie, where you can influence the plot development by yourself. There is no magic in this, just pure science.

The image that you see is projected onto each eye independently of each other. This allows you to “deceive” your brain, forcing it to believe that all visible objects are real. And with the help of Motion Capture technology (motion capture), the main characters moved the acting game with real facial expressions and body movements.

Together with the actors Yury Kolokolnikov, Irina Starshenbaum and Nikita Yelenev, you will become member of the spacecraft crew and try to save the orbital station from a fatal collision with space junk.

The cinema is located at the Mars Contemporary Art Center.
Address: Pushkaryov Pereulok, 5
Session lasts 30-35 minutes
For tickets go to: