The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel presents you a quest where the boundaries of reality are erased. Want to participate in a game with a special atmosphere? Where thanks to modern equipment and special sensors all your movements are transferred to virtual reality, even the waving of arms and legs. There are no wires, therefore, you can move around the playground freely.

The plot:

Development of space research. The colonists are developing more and more new bases outside the solar system. Suddenly, a strange message arrives on the ship and the connection is lost … The crew in the landing capsule goes to Earth to find the station and save humanity.

The session lasts 60 minutes. 15 minutes are used for dressing and briefing; the remaining 45 are for the game. After completing the mission, you can take a selfie in the virtual reality zone.

Place: Kutuzovsky Prospect, d. 36, p. 28
Admission to the game: +7 495 188-14-75

The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel wishes you an exciting and interesting weekend.