The Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 offers to unwind and go to the play Day of Radio of the famous creative team Quartet E. For almost 13 years, interest in this hit has not subsided . The film was based on it.

According to the plot, the staff of the radio station prepared an enchanting material, but 30 minutes before the air, they will find out that competitors have begun to talk with their listeners on the same topic. If nothing is done, failure is guaranteed. Therefore, the enterprising presenters flipp through the news feeds and find a small awkward note about a vessel that carries a menagerie somewhere in the Sea of ​​Japan. This is where the fun begins.

The plot surprisingly accurately conveys the atmosphere of a fashionable radio station, and the presence on the stage of the real radio producer Mikhail Kozyrev in the role, in fact, of himself, creates the feeling that you are watching a reality show from the life of the radio team.Well, participation in the performance of the group Unhappy Case, performing as many as 10 songs, will be the very cherry on the cake.

The performance will be played in the recreation center named after SM. Zueva
Address: metro Belorusskaya, st. Lesnaya, 18
You can order tickets by phone:
8 (499) 973-34-61 | 8 (499) 251-89-21