Confused in the variety of hotels in Moscow? Do not know how to choose the right one? After all, you want your hotel to meet all the expectations.

No worries, the hotel Maroseyka 2/15 will give you 8 practical advice’s on how to choose a hotel that suits you:

1. distance from the city center
When visiting the capital, one wants to see its sights.

2. distance from the metro
Why waste time in traffic jams when the subway is faster. And some underground stations are also recognized architectural monuments.

Do not want the subway? The hotel should have a transfer or a taxi service so that you don’t have to search for and order a taxi.

4. room categories
Check out in advance what the hotel offers look at the facilities of the rooms.

5. prices
Do they match the “stars” of the hotel?

6. reviews
They are written by guests, so by them you will understand the level of service.

7. cooperation with major online booking systems
Here you will see the hotel rating, as well as real photos of the rooms.

8. hotel site
Look for pages in social networks, read hotel news.

See also what additional services the hotel provides. How long has it been on the market. The Maroseyka 2/15 wishes you a pleasant stay.