The Maroseyka 2/15 believes that the Hygge brings pleasure and small joys, to follow it take a look at these simple rules:

Dress warmly
What could be nicer than comfortable soft home clothes. Cozy rug, favorite sweaters will come in handy. Pick up simple home furnishings. Let the rooms in your house be as relaxing as possible.

Chat with friends
Surround yourself with those you feel comfortable with. Invite your family or friends at the evening tea party.

Create an atmosphere
If you have a fireplace – use it. If not, light the candles.

Eat delicious food
In cold times, drink aromatic tea and coffee, mulled wine and hot chocolate with the addition of spices. Try to cook the original pastries.

Find time for creativity
Get a hobby or immerse yourself in an existing one. Enjoy the process, not the result.

Look for joy in simple things.
Allow yourself to soak in bed a little longer, play with your beloved pet, or just watch what is happening around.

Don’t use gadgets
For a while, set the phone aside, do not use the Internet and do not listen to music. Let only natural sounds surround you.

Active lifestyle
Be sure to walk in the fresh air every day. Visit the pool, ride a bike. Pick up a sports lesson that you prefer.

The Hotel Maroseyka 2|15 wishes you a pleasant stay.