The legendary cinema “Illusion,” located on the ground floor of the famous Moscow Stalin high- rise, attracts tourists – connoisseurs of the history of cinema!

The Illusion opened in March 1966 with a demonstration of Sergei Eisenstein’s outstanding painting The Battleship Potemkin.

Recently, the cinema has undergone reconstruction, it has high-quality lighting and sound equipment, new comfortable chairs in the auditorium.

At the same time, the attributes of the former “Illusion” were preserved: an old chandelier, stucco on ceilings and walls, columns in the foyer, old photographs, a piano and, of course, intellectual cinema!

The poster is diverse – from premieres to time-tested domestic and foreign classical paintings in Russian and foreign languages!

Address: Kotelnicheskaya nab., house 1/15 (10 minutes walk from hotel “Maroseika 2/15”)

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