The Maroseyka 2/15 hotel invites all those in love with Moscow to learn about it even more. These studies will seem very curious to you.

So, the Maroseyka 2/15 hotel has prepared for you the top 10 books about the capital:

  1. Solomon Volkov – History of Culture in Stories and Dialogues
    A book about important milestones and key figures of the twentieth century metropolitan culture.
  2. Moscow – a meeting place
    This will be a tour of the iconic places of Moscow 40-60x
  3. Moscow Book: biographies of streets, monuments, buildings, people
    The title of the book speaks for itself. The authors offer the reader reference information and season it with their own conclusions.
  4. Moscow from the inside: luxurious interiors and architectural stories
    The book is a storehouse of beautiful illustrations – a guide to the unusual and impressive houses of Moscow.
  5. Walking around Moscow
    Little-known facts about famous sights
  6. Stories of Moscow houses told by their residents
    If you want to visit the ancient closed buildings, see how everything is arranged there, then this book is for you
  7. Architectural Moscow
    Building and Style Guide
  8. Walking in Moscow. Moscow wooden: what remains
    The book tells about the historical wooden mansions existing today
  9. Photo tour of Moscow at the beginning of the 20th century. Album.
  10. Quest “Moscow”
    The book is a game. You will be offered interesting tasks that you can solve right on the streets of the city