We invite you to take a walk through the “non-festive Moscow” – the most beautiful side streets from the metro station “Kitay-Gorod”!

Wandering, climbing the hills here it is “nice to get lost”, to discover interesting places – for example, the Ivanovsky convent, in which the merchant’s wife known for her cruelty was imprisoned Daria Saltykova – Saltychikha.

Be sure to admire the comfortable Khitrovaya square, walk past the Khitrovo family estate, pay attention to house 3 in Khitrovy lane, where the famous Russian composer A.N. Scriabin was born.

Immerse yourself in the coolness of the Morozovsky Garden, admire the bright green facade of the historic building – the estate of the parents of the famous philanthropist Savva Morozov.

Don’t miss the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Staro-Sadsky Lane and finish your walk with a visit to the cafe “Sur”, which occupies the premises of a real garage in Podkopaevsky lane.