So the summer has passed, it’s time to cook the jam! The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to the “House of Jam” on Orekhovoy Boulevard. There, in the company of cooks, you will learn unusual flavor combinations and make strawberry and grape jam yourself, as well as bake cranberry muffins.

There will also be a culinary battle, where the brave culinary teams will make every effort to cook the most delicious jam: which you can try and choose the winner.

Schedule of workshops:

September 2-4
16:00 – Porridge with nuts and fruits
18:00 – Rejuvenating apples. Baked apples with nuts and honey.

September 5-6
16:00 – Fabulous rosemary. Strawberry Jam with Rosemary
17:00 – Cranberry colors. Cranberries and Chocolate Muffins
18:00 – Peach still life. Peach and Mint Jam

September 7-8
12:00 – Pear Orchard. Baked pear with spices and a scoop of ice cream
13:00 – Graceful vine. Grape and vanilla jam
14:00 – Picturesque lemon. Vanilla Lemon Jam
15:00 – Eastern fairy tale. Fig jam with nuts
16:00 – Pear jam. Pear jam with almonds
17:00 – Summer colors. Raspberry Jam with Melon
18:00 – Berry strudel. Strudel with raspberries, strawberries and almonds

Venue: Orekhovy boulevard, possession 24, building 1