Our hotel “Maroseyka 2\15” is situated in the center of Moscow, at the crossing of Maroseyka street and Lubyanka direction.
There are beautiful views from the hotel on the Square, Old Town Square, The Monument to the Heroes of Plevna, Maroseyka, Ilinka streets and the Kremlin’s Spasskaya Tower.

In close proximity from the hotel are the main attractions:
– The Red Square, where you can visit the Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Mausoleum, the Historical Museum. Distance and time: 1200 m., 15 min.
– Gostiny Dvor, distance and time: 650 m., 8 min.
– The Polytechnical Museum, distance and time: 350 m., 4 min.
– The Bolshoi Theatre, distance and time of 1100 m., 14 min.
– Chisty prudi, distance and time of 1100 m., 14 min.
– GUM, distance and time: 1000 m., 12 min.
– Detski Mir (opened after renovation), distance and time: 700 m., 9 min.

One of the exits of metro station “Kitay-gorod” is situated on the first floor of our building. There are many restaurants, cafés and bars you can find on the Maroseyka, Pokrovka streets and Lubyanskiy Passage.

Location Map: