The holiday story began in Chicago, where on May 1, 1886 a large-scale protest was held by workers who were tired of the 15-hour working day and unbearable conditions, they went to a rally demanding to reduce labor hours to 8 per day. But the rally did not lead to the goal, and ended with the opening of fire by the police on the protesters. There were many casualties. But despite this, every year on May 1, workers continued to hold protests, demanding that their harsh working conditions be taken into account. It was in memory of the first Chicago protest that the date began to be celebrated, first of all, as the Labor Day.

Inspired by the example of their American colleagues, Russian workers gradually came to the idea of starting protests. Despite the fact that originally May Day was political in nature, because of what it was celebrated quite strictly, the last solemn parade on May 1 was held in 1990.

Now for Russians, the holiday means the beginning of the May holidays – a series of days free from working life and devoted exclusively to relaxing with family and friends, which are traditionally celebrated with a picnic.

In city parks and squares it is possible to have picnics on the whole territory, except for reserved and commercial sites.

But it is possible to kindle a fire or use mangal only in special picnic areas. There are about 250 of them in Moscow.

The Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 congratulates you on the holiday of Spring and Labor, and wishes you a wonderful weather and good mood!