Spring is the best time of the year that we spend with our family.

An excellent option for a joint trip will be the performance of the Moscow Theater of the Musical “All About Cinderella”.

Are you sure you know this story? “All About Cinderella” is far from a classic tale that everyone has learned by heart.
Are you sure you know this story? Is the Godmother really the fairy godmother she claims to be? What secret is the King hiding? What does the Prince do in the forest at night?
And who keeps the lost shoe?

Maestro Raymond Pauls, Slot group, writer Dmitry Bykov, screenwriter Sergei Plotov, together with director Oleg Glushkov and set designer Vadim Volya will tell you “everything about Cinderella”.

There are many “Cinderellas”, but there hasn’t been such one yet!
Hotel “Maroseyka 2/15” invites you to the March performances!

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