Hotel Moroseika 2/15 invites them to MXAT named A.M. Gorky at the premiere play “Forest”.

The performance differs from the classical productions of A.N. Ostrovsky: This is a new interpretation of the play – a mixture of theatrical traditions of Mxat, acute buffoonery and an incredible creative ensemble – Nadezda Markina, Grigory Siyatvind, Andrei Merzlikin.

… on stage the mountain sawdust, sawdust covers all the estate of Gurmajskaya. At the top of the mountain there is a sawmill, there is no forest, and the heroes just pretend that he still exists …

This is something familiar Ostrovskiy and completely unknown – the director Viktor Kremer removed outdated words and phrases from the play so that the modern viewer reacted with interest to the text.

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