Every year the whole world is waiting for the celebration of New Year. New Year resolutions, hopes, meetings are upon us. The Maroseyka 2/15 hotel offers you to attend a mind-blowing ocean musical. Among artists are: dolphins, killer wales, walruses.

Moskavarium at VDNKh metro station hosts a new show named “Around the world in New Year”. You will get a chance to experience adventures, travel the world in one night and prevent New Year traditions on different continents from being stolen. The show will take place on the stage, while guests seat in comfortable hall.

Experience 3D and 5D effects, good music and beautiful decorations.

8 499 677 77 77

Open hours:
December 23 the complex is closed on a traditional sanitary day
December 31 closes at 18:00 (ticket sales until 17:00)
Dolphin swimming center will be open until 19:00
On January 1, Moskvarium will begin its work an hour later at 11:00.

Starting January 2, the doors of the Moskvarium will be open normally: from 10:00 to 22:00 (ticket sales
and entrance to the Aquarium until 21:00).